Kolmac Video Library: Press Announcements

Anton Kuznetsov


Why Choose Kolmac?

At Kolmac, we pride ourselves on constantly striving to better serve our patients through evidence-based, cutting-edge approaches to rehabilitation. As our locations expand and our company grows, we continue to put our patients first and focus on becoming the best option for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.
Anton Kuznetsov

Considering Treatment

Deciding when to seek treatment is a deeply personal decision that requires much effort and thought. Kolmac provides prospective patients with the opportunity to sit in on support groups to see the value of such an integrated program.

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Erika Kane

Holistic Care

Kolmac’s specialized care focuses on the entire person and not just a single aspect of the patient. Mental health specialists, nurses, and care managers are just some of the professionals who work together to treat patients at Kolmac.

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