Identifying Addiction

How to Identify Addiction

Identifying addiction is an imperative part of recovery, and often the hardest part. Being able to say “I have a problem and I need help” is the first step on the journey. Knowing the warning signs and signals helps define the problem and erases doubts about whether to seek treatment.

Warning signs of addiction

These behavioral and physical signals can help when identifying addiction in a loved one.

Important questions to ask in identifying addiction

In addition to looking for warning signs and signals, answering these critical questions can help to identify addiction.

  1. Has the person increased their alcohol, drugs or tobacco consumption, or are they gambling more often?
  2. Has the person tried to stop their addictive behavior with little or no success?
  3. Does the person continue to drink, use drugs, smoke or gamble despite negative consequences that occur as a result of their behavior?

If the answer to these questions is yes, it is time to seek help and treatment.

Kolmac staff are experts

Identifying addiction is not something to tackle alone. Getting started with Kolmac is as easy as making a call. Our professional staff knows the signs and symptoms of addiction and can identify problems that need treatment.

For help or more information about identifying addiction, contact us. Recognizing that there is a problem is the beginning of the journey to a new and better life.

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Is Addiction a Disease or a Choice?