Referral Partners

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Our clinicians work closely with our professional referral partners

Our referral partners are a vital part of our treatment and recovery community. Physicians, counselors, employee assistance professionals (EAP), social workers and attorneys who refer patients to Kolmac Outpatient Recovery Centers appreciate our availability and teamwork.

Referral partners receive updates during every stage of treatment

The Kolmac team is committed to collaborating with our referral partners. Our clinicians and staff are available during each stage of our patients’ treatment. We provide written progress reports at the referral partner’s preferred frequency. Also, the clinician who is working most closely with the patient is readily available for phone consultations.

We can evaluate and admit patients within 24 hours

Kolmac wants to make the first steps of the recovery journey as simple as possible. Our referral partners and their patients benefit from our fast and easy admission process.

Patients in outpatient treatment continue to work and live daily life, so our program is designed to respect their busy schedules during all phases of treatment. There are three ways for referral partners to help patients get started.

  • Face to face intake evaluations are available Monday through Friday at any of our locations. Please call one of our intake coordinators to reserve a time.
  • Our intake coordinators can schedule telephone evaluations with a Kolmac clinician if patients are unable to schedule a face to face evaluation during our business hours. In most cases, the patient can start treatment that same evening.
  • Walk-in appointments are available Monday through Friday. Patients can come to any of our locations between 12:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. for an evaluation by a Kolmac clinician.

Referral partners can reach our intake coordinators at (888) 684-0336 or (301) 589-0255.

What our partners and patients can expect during treatment

Our outpatient treatment program is evidence-based and as effective as inpatient programs. Kolmac provides the three traditional treatment phases to help patients build a successful recovery program. Our outpatient detoxification, intensive outpatient treatment and continuing care phases overlap to facilitate a smooth transition between each stage.

Referral partners and patients can see the benefits of outpatient treatment.

  • The ability to continue working, living at home and participating in daily activities
  • Convenient locations with daytime and evening hours
  • More affordable treatment than inpatient centers
  • A collaborative approach between referral partners and the Kolmac team referral information

Partners who have questions about whether our program is appropriate for a patient can contact these staff members directly.

  • George Kolodner MD, Chief Innovation Officer – click here
  • Jen Dorsey, Chief Clinical Officer – click here

Referral partners who would like to learn more about Kolmac should contact us here or call (888) 684-0336.

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