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Professionals who deal with patients facing addiction can refer to any number of programs, so why Kolmac? There are several excellent reasons to make professional referrals to Kolmac Integrated Behavioral Health Centers, including experience, affordability and convenience for patients. We work closely with our professional referral partners to ensure that the men and women they send to Kolmac for treatment receive the care they need to achieve long-term recovery.

If you have a patient that you’d like to refer to Kolmac, please click here.

Reasons to make professional referrals to Kolmac

1. Kolmac offers a results-oriented, measurement-based outpatient program that enjoys the same or better results as inpatient treatment facilities.

Kolmac pioneered the intensive outpatient (IOP) approach to addiction treatment. Our program consists of three phases, including detoxification, IOP and continuing care. More than 50,000 patients have benefitted from our convenient, affordable treatment model.

2. Our team provides a simple, quick admission process, often evaluating and admitting patients within 24 hours.

We offer fast and simple admissions. When patients need help, time is of the essence. Our trained clinicians understand the nature of addiction, so we work hard to ensure that patients receive care as soon as possible. When we receive a professional referral, we offer three evaluation methods for their patients, including face-to-face intake, telephone calls and walk-in appointments.

If someone calls during business hours, they will immediately speak to an experienced team member. No operators or voicemail. After the evaluation, patients can usually begin treatment within 24 hours. We also never have a waiting list because we’re committed to helping a patient as soon as they’re ready.

3. Our program offers patients an alternative to traditional inpatient care, allowing them to live at home and continue working.

Many people simply cannot leave their lives behind for a month or more of residential treatment. Fear of leaving home or losing a job may prevent these patients from seeking help. Our outpatient treatment program offers patients morning and evening hours so that they can continue being a part of their everyday life. It’s a great reason to make professional referrals to Kolmac.

4. We collaborate closely with our referral partners to provide the finest patient care.

We offer a high level of collaboration between our team and our professional referral partners. Referring professionals stay in the loop regarding their patients, thanks to written reports and telephone calls with the patient’s primary clinician.

Kolmac’s professional teams are always available for patients and referral partners

Professionals who would like more information about our program or how it will work for a specific patient should contact us to learn why Kolmac may be the best place for recovery. We are always happy to accept professional referrals.

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