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Kolmac offers support and advice for helping a loved one with addiction

If you are helping a loved one with addiction, Kolmac Outpatient Recovery Centers may have the answers you need. Kolmac’s evidence-based outpatient program allows your loved one to continue working and living at home during treatment. Our program includes weekly support meetings for loved ones. These meetings provide education about addiction and recovery, and information about what to expect as a friend or family member of someone with a drug or alcohol problem.

Helping a loved one with addiction begins by recognizing the problem

Helping a loved one with addiction begins when everyone recognizes there is a problem. At Kolmac, our approach is to treat addiction as a family disease. This means that loved ones are just as impacted by addiction as the person using or drinking. Therefore, the recovery process is more successful when support from loved ones is included in treatment.

Our program requires abstinence from drugs, alcohol or gambling. We do not believe that people can succeed if they continue to use addictive substances or engage in addictive behaviors during treatment. Supporting your family member or friend to maintain abstinence is a vital part of helping a loved one with addiction.

Once the patient stops the addictive substance or behavior, our clinicians and staff work on relapse prevention. This phase helps patients learn how to avoid returning to substance use and problem behaviors.

During the program, the Kolmac staff encourages you to be involved with your loved one’s treatment. We offer confidential groups for loved ones that provide support and a safe place to ask questions, raise issues and discuss setbacks.

Questions to ask yourself and your loved one about addiction

Asking questions to determine whether your family member or friend has an addiction is the best way to start the process of helping a loved one. The National Institute on Drug Abuse suggests that you ask the following questions.

  • Is your loved one using alcohol or drugs in greater quantities?
  • Does your loved one want to stop substance use but cannot?
  • Do drugs or alcohol impact your loved ones’ ability to function responsibly at work, school or home?
  • Does your loved one avoid social, recreational or work activities to use drugs or alcohol?
  • Has your loved one continued to drink or use drugs, even after facing negative consequences?

If you answered yes to these questions, it’s time for you to begin helping a loved one with addiction. Our Family Resource Specialist, Paul Dray, can help you learn more about how to get started.

If you are confused and wondering where to start, contact Kolmac at (888) 684-0336 or (301) 589-0255. We offer drug, alcohol and gambling addiction treatment in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.

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Addiction Affects Everyone

Addiction affects the family just as much as the loved one who is using. Our treatment program includes education and support along the way.

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