Alcohol Addiction

Kolmac Has Treated Alcohol Addiction for 45+ years

Alcohol addiction is one of the most common substance use problems we treat at Kolmac. Working to treat alcoholism is a fundamental part of our history. Kolmac founder George Kolodner, MD, set out to develop an intensive outpatient treatment program for people with alcohol addiction.

We help patients lead fulfilling, alcohol-free lives

Kolmac treatment offers a three-phased, individualized program for patients with alcohol addiction. During treatment, our clinicians work diligently to help patients develop strategies to lead full lives without consuming alcohol in any form.

Alcoholism is a chronic disease that requires attention and maintenance for life. Our research shows that abstinence is necessary if patients want to remain sober, so using alcohol in moderation is not a viable option. Kolmac patients learn the necessary skills to cope with challenges and triggers.

Safe, comfortable detox, if necessary

While not all patients seeking treatment for an alcohol use disorder require detoxification, sudden withdrawal from alcohol can have serious consequences and a medical evaluation may be required. If detoxification is required, Kolmac’s pioneering outpatient detoxification protocols make the process as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Patients come to Kolmac’s office for detox, which lasts four to eight hours. Upon arrival, a clinical staff member meets with the patient to begin managing their withdrawal symptoms.

If the patient with alcohol addiction requires medication during their detox, Kolmac clinicians provide the most up-to-date medications, including Antabuse, Campral, or Naltrexone. Medications are individualized to the patient during their medication-assisted alcohol recovery program. Our clinical staff always works with patients when making decisions about medication, ensuring that they feel comfortable.

Benefits of outpatient treatment for patients with alcohol addiction

  • Patients can live at home and continue working while they receive state-of-the-art care at convenient times.
  • Outpatient therapy allows our compassionate staff to help patients deal with the real-world challenges they face during treatment.
  • Detoxing patients are not rushed through the process. They remain in our offices, if necessary, for up to 10 hours a day while Kolmac clinicians manage any withdrawal symptoms as they occur.

At Kolmac, our clinicians understand alcoholism

Patients with alcohol addiction are in good hands at Kolmac. From detoxification and rehabilitation to our unique continuing care program, every phase of our treatment helps patients with alcohol addiction and their families cope during treatment and beyond.


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