Drug Addiction

Kolmac provides high-quality, accessible treatment for drug addiction

Kolmac provides a multi-faceted program for drug addiction, designed to address each patient’s unique circumstances. Our three-phase, intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment addresses all aspects of addiction, including the psychological, social, and biological aspects of the disease.

It’s important to understand that an addiction to drugs is a chronic disease, rather than an acute problem that can solved in a month or two. Our clinicians help patients learn skills that help them cope long-term, not just during one or two months of inpatient care.

Safe, comfortable, and effective detoxification process

Patients who struggle with drug addiction can feel apprehensive about detoxification. Kolmac’s compassionate clinicians make the process as comfortable as possible with medication assisted opioid recovery to help manage the withdrawal symptoms. Our expert clinicians employ the most up-to-date medications and individualize the dosages to provide patients with optimal safety, comfort,, and symptom relief. The following medications help patients with drug addiction detox:

  • Buprenorphine helps ease or even eliminate drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
  • Naltrexone is an “opioid antagonist,” which means it prevents the rewarding effect that patients normally receive from the drugs.
  • Vivitrol is a long-acting injectable form of Naltrexone that blocks the effects of opiates and significantly reduces cravings for both opiates and alcohol.

Structured outpatient therapy helps patients recognize and cope with triggers

Unlike residential programs, our outpatient rehabilitation process allows patients who have a drug addiction to continue to work and live in the real world. During treatment, patients encounter triggers and challenges in their daily life. Kolmac staff helps our patients them confront problems and develop long-term coping strategies.

Kolmac is a pioneer in the outpatient recovery field. We expect our patients to practice total abstinence during treatment and beyond. Our research and experience show that abstaining from the substances to which a patient is addicted provides the best outcomes long term.

Continuing care facilitates long-term recovery

An addiction to drugs is a serious problem that is not solved after a month or two. We know that patients need follow-up care during their recovery and beyond. Kolmac’s unique continuing care program helps patients establish a firmly rooted recovery plan, and is open both to our patients and anyone who has completed an inpatient rehabilitation treatment program.

During the continuing care phase of treatment, patients participate in weekly group therapy sessions with Kolmac professionals while also participating in community support groups. Patients who are dealing with a drug addiction reap the rewards of this ongoing care and support because they strengthen their resolve and firm up their plans to remain drug-free.

Support from family and loved ones is a critical part of treatment for drug addiction

Our staff encourages family and friends to participate in our weekly support groups for loved ones. We also encourage anyone who is helping a loved one with drug addiction to seek out community support groups. For more information about Kolmac and drug addiction treatment, contact us.

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