Telehealth Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) is an Effective, Affordable and Flexible Option

Kolmac’s measurement-based intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment for drug, alcohol and gambling addiction is just as successful as inpatient treatment. It also allows patients to live at home and go to work throughout the treatment process, which includes detoxification, IOP and continuing care.

The Kolmac team pioneered intensive outpatient telehealth treatment

In 1973, George Kolodner MD designed and implemented our intensive outpatient telehealth treatment. This was the first IOP program in the country. Since its founding, Kolmac has treated more than 50,000 patients.

Our program offers several advantages that residential rehab facilities do not.

          · Evening hours to accommodate patients’ work schedules
          · No admission delays so that patients can start the program in one business day
          · Convenient weekly meetings for loved ones to participate in patients’ recovery
          · Patients can keep working while receiving confidential telehealth treatment
          · The ability to live at home, which helps patients with real-world recovery

Our program incorporates three phases of telehealth treatment

Intensive outpatient telehealth treatment at Kolmac includes the three traditional phases of treatment. It also includes integrated psychiatric services to treat common challenges and co-occurring issues like depression, anxiety and insomnia. Our recovery program overlaps detoxification, rehabilitation and continuing care sessions to facilitate a smooth transition between the three stages.

          · Detoxification takes place on an outpatient basis.  Patients rarely require hospitalization, and it is available quickly when needed.
          · IOP begins with daily sessions that last three hours each. These sessions include group therapy and education. We gradually taper the number of outpatient treatment sessions from five times to twice a week as patients stabilize. 
          · Patients also participate in individual medical and clinical treatment.
          · After patients stabilize in their recovery, patients can step down to Kolmac’s telehealth outpatient program which includes group, individual, and medical treatment.

The outpatient telehealth treatment difference at Kolmac

Our IOP telehealth treatment is a more affordable, highly effective path to recovery that is just as effective as inpatient care. Patients who need help with drug and alcohol addiction enjoy our highly effective program and staff.

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