Tobacco Use Treatment

Tobacco Use Treatment at Kolmac Integrated Behavioral Health Centers

At Kolmac Integrated Behavioral Health, we aim to help our patients achieve their full potential and we believe that all substance use should be addressed while under our care. While commonly abused substances such as alcohol, stimulants and opioids are usually the reason for entering treatment, other addictive substances like tobacco are often left untreated. This is counterproductive to long term health and recovery from addiction and begs the question, “How can you treat one addiction but not another?” 

There are many ideas in the substance treatment community about this topic and even though there is research to support addressing this in all treatment settings, there has been tremendous neglect of tobacco use disorder in addiction settings for multiple reasons. For this reason, it is key that tobacco cessation treatment be done on an individualized basis and involve a collaborative discussion on when and how to treat.

Below you will find a summary of key questions associated with tobacco use disorder as well as helpful links with additional information.

In conclusion, it is well known that nicotine contained in tobacco products is addictive, benefits of quitting tobacco products can be seen at any age, and cessation can greatly benefit general health resulting in increased lifespan. In addition, quitting smoking can benefit patients in addiction recovery. There are multiple options to help quit including medications, therapy, cessation counseling, and lifestyle modifications. When choosing addiction treatment, it is important to consider smoking cessation and always ask about this treatment before starting your recovery journey.

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