Referral Sources

Kolmac Referral Sources

Professionals from the medical, mental health, and legal communities choose to refer their patient to Kolmac.

Medical Professional Referrals

We make referrals from medical professionals are easy and seamless. Our team collaborates closely with physicians during every stage of treatment, creating a partnership that focuses on the patient.

What physicians should know about medical professional referrals

Physicians and other medical professionals can rely on our measurement-based outpatient treatment program.

Here are three of the most critical facts physicians and other medical personnel should know about making referrals to Kolmac.

Kolmac offers an established outpatient treatment program

At Kolmac, we understand that physicians have their choice of programs when making referrals, but our program has several strengths that set it apart from other options.

  • More than 50,000 patients treated
  • Multiple locations and daytime and evening hours.
  • Intensive outpatient model that allows patients maintain their daily routines during treatment.
  • Treatment for co-occurring disorders such as depression, insomnia and anxiety.
  • Affordable, flexible, effective


Mental Health Professional Referrals

Psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, therapists, and social workers should feel confident about making mental health professional referrals to Kolmac. Our team treats addiction as a chronic disease that affects the whole person, taking every aspect of a patient’s health and well-being into account.

Kolmac treats addiction and psychiatric disorders simultaneously

Many Kolmac patients have a dual diagnosis (co-occurring disorder). It is our firm belief that patients need to receive simultaneous treatment for addiction and psychiatric issues to have an enduring recovery.

Those who make mental health professional referrals to Kolmac can be assured that our medical and clinical staff have experience treating anxiety, mood disorders, trauma, ADHD, and more.

Here are some key things mental health professionals should know about making addiction referrals to Kolmac.

  • Our staff includes psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners.
  • Our therapists work collaboratively with our patients’ mental health professionals and treatment providers.
  • We know that listening to patients, their loved ones, and their mental health referrers is key to providing patients with the most effective treatment plans.

Kolmac revises treatment plans when patients’ needs change

Our team closely monitors patients who have a co-occurring disorder and makes treatment changes quickly, if necessary.

We also understand that sometimes a patient may need to be referred to an outside therapist or residential psychiatric facility, and are always prepared to get extra help when needed.


Legal professional referrals

At Kolmac, legal professional referrals for treatment can be the catalyst for recovery. We provide valuable information to attorneys, probation officers, courts, and anyone else who needs to refer a patient to us for addiction treatment.

Collaboration is Key

Attorneys and legal referrers can rely on the measurement-based, outpatient treatment program at Kolmac. Having treated more than 50,000 patients since 1973, we have the experience and expertise to help those who have addiction and legal issues.

  • We believe in collaboration with the legal professionals who make addiction referrals to Kolmac, and provide updates at every stage of their clients’ treatment.
  • At Kolmac, we can usually evaluate and admit patients within 24 hours of receiving legal professional referrals. We have centers in multiple locations, and we face to face intake, walk-in appointments and telephone intake options.
  • Referring partners and patients appreciate the flexibility that our program offers. Our extensive office hours, telehealth options, and intensive outpatient program (IOP) allow patients to deal with legal issues, keep working, and continue living at home. We also can inform the court about a patient’s progress in treatment.

Kolmac is flexible and affordable

Patients appreciate referrals to Kolmac because of our program’s flexibility. Daytime and evening hours as well as online options allow patients to stay at work and still make their therapy time.

Our outpatient treatment program is affordable for almost all patients, and covered by most major insurance. Patients can continue to work and live at home, alleviating worries about their loved ones and finances while they are in treatment.

Outpatient treatment as effective as inpatient programs

Attorneys and other professionals making legal professional referrals to Kolmac give their clients access to a highly effective, three-stage outpatient program that includes detoxification, intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment and continuing care. Our experienced team also treats patients with a dual diagnosis (both addiction and mental health issues).


Anyone who makes addiction referrals should contact us for more information.

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