February 4th, 2020

Start 2020 off right with these resolutions for recovery

Start 2020 off right with these resolutions for recoveryNot many people maintain their New Year’s resolutions. This is the time to stop and reconsider what is most important. Our team of clinicians is here to help you start the New Year off with achievable goals and stick to them. Impossible tasks are not part of the plan.

Three New Year’s resolutions for recovery

Here are three resolutions that are realistic and designed to help you address your addiction and move on to a more satisfying life.

  1. Seek support. Nobody makes the recovery journey alone. Support is necessary for your success. Make a commitment to attend weekly group therapy sessions consistently. In addition to your professional treatment at Kolmac, look for and participate in community recovery support groups regularly. This combination of support provides the best results for recovery.
  2. Develop new interests. Resolutions for recovery can be enjoyable. Some examples include making new friends and developing new hobbies. Unfortunately, old friends and family can be triggers if you gambled or used alcohol or drugs together. Just being with these people or going to places where you practiced addictive behaviors can trigger the desire to go back to addictive activities. Instead, explore new places, find a new interest or volunteer doing something you love.
  3. Take care of yourself. Our last resolution is one that everyone makes, but it is a particularly important goal during recovery. You’ve probably heard of the term HALT. When you are too hungry, angry, lonely or tired, you increase your risk for relapse unless you address your needs and emotions. Try to eat a healthy diet. Talk to our clinicians about ways to resolve anger. Reach out for support when you feel lonely, and practice good sleep hygiene.

Kolmac’s team is here to help you achieve your goals

When you make your resolutions for recovery, you need to remember you are not alone. Kolmac’s team is here to help you during your recovery. We provide support, suggestions and a listening ear. If you are looking for help with your addictive behavior or that of a loved one, contact us. Every day, we help people recover and start leading healthier, more fulfilling lives.

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