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Our goal at Kolmac is ongoing recovery after intensive outpatient treatment

Kolmac Outpatient Recovery Centers offers a unique clinical program that follows intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment. After a patient has stabilized physically and emotionally in early recovery, the continuing care phase begins. This is an important part of recovery after intensive outpatient treatment.

Kolmac pioneered the evolution of the often-overlooked continuing care phase. Our staff and clinicians avoid using the word “aftercare” for this stage. We believe it diminishes the importance of building on the foundation patients establish during our intensive outpatient treatment.

Recovery after intensive outpatient treatment is a critical part of the journey

Treatment after IOP is the most-neglected phase of treatment and recovery at other inpatient and outpatient facilities. When patients finish detoxification and rehab, they still need support, and so do their families.

Our addiction treatment includes continuing care that varies in length, depending on the patient’s needs. Our clinicians and staff encourage patients to stay in continuing care until they establish a strong recovery plan, which usually takes a year or two. During this time, we also encourage family members and loved ones to continue to attend our support groups at Kolmac.

Our continuing care and recovery program is open to anyone who has completed a rehab program

We feel so strongly about the importance of this step that we offer our continuing care program to anyone who needs it. This includes our IOP patients as well as people who are transitioning from residential or intensive outpatient treatment at another facility. Our goal is to help any patients who need support during recovery.

Our continuing care program offers several advantages

During continuing care, patients attend weekly group therapy sessions. We also encourage patients to become more deeply involved in a recovery support group. Combining community support groups with participation in professional treatment provides the best outcomes for ongoing recovery after intensive outpatient treatment.

Here are some of the advantages our patients enjoy.

  • Access to more than 50 groups
  • Convenient center locations in Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Bucks County, PA
  • Day and evening treatment available for continuing care after IOP treatment
  • Organized feedback to referral sources

Patients work hard at recovery, so we work hard to keep them on track

Our goal is to keep patients healthy, happy and safe after they finish the initial phases of treatment. Ongoing treatment after IOP is an essential step for patients dealing with addiction.

If you have recently completed treatment, you should contact us at (888) 684-0336 or (301) 589-0255 to learn more about recovery after intensive outpatient treatment or to schedule an evaluation.

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