December 20th, 2018

Big News for Kolmac -What’s Next for Kolmac?

Dr. George KolodnerThis question has been on my mind since I decided over a year ago to look for an investment partner to help with a major expansion of Kolmac. Our chosen partner, WindRose Health Investors, has spent the past 3 months adding administrative infrastructure to create a solid foundation for our growth. This is big news for Kolmac. Our new CEO, Wayne Sensor, who was brought on because of the retirement of Mark Santangelo, has spent the last 6 weeks becoming familiar with our staff and program.

I think of Kolmac, despite the fact that it is starting its 46th year, as still being in its early evolution and having a long way to go before it reaches full maturation. Our plan is to open another 12 to 16 offices over the next 5 years. We are currently in the process of deciding what other areas of the country would provide the best fit with Kolmac services and philosophy.

More big news for Kolmac – In addition to Founder, now Chief Innovation Officer

As for myself, to paraphrase W.C. Fields, “The news of my retirement is greatly exaggerated.” I plan to be a full-time contributor to this new Kolmac chapter with a new role of “Founder and Chief Innovation Officer.” This will involve both internal and external areas of focus. The most important internal task for me will be to assure that our growth is accompanied by continued high quality and that the programs in the new centers are consistent with our original model. I will also continue to search for and incorporate into the clinical program new innovations to keep Kolmac on the cutting edge of addiction treatment.

As for external tasks, I will continue to be a spokesperson for Kolmac. In addition, I will work to promote more generally the use of outpatient detoxification and intensive outpatient rehabilitation. My goal will be for this model to become more widely accepted as the form of treatment most effective for a chronic disorder requiring longer-term care and correct the imbalance that currently exists toward acute care.

I appreciate the support that we have received from the professional community over the past 45 years and expect to return the trust by upholding our commitment to leave the field of addiction treatment better than we found it.

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