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Dual Diagnosis

A dual diagnosis is common when it comes to addiction

Co-existing diagnosis addcition

People with an addiction to alcohol or drugs often have additional psychiatric problems. This is known as a dual diagnosis. To achieve lasting recovery, patients must receive simultaneous treatment for co-occurring psychiatric conditions and addiction. As part of our intensive outpatient (IOP) program, the team at Kolmac provides diagnosis and treatment for co-occurring psychiatric conditions.

What are some common co-occurring conditions?

When it comes to a dual diagnosis, some of the most common conditions are mood disorders, attention deficit/hyperactivity, anxiety and trauma. At Kolmac, one of our basic beliefs has always been that the best results occur when we treat addiction and other psychiatric problems at the same time. This is because addiction and these conditions are intertwined and must be treated together.

In order to provide effective treatment when a patient has a dual diagnosis, Kolmac maintains a full staff of psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. These caring and experienced professionals collaborate with our patients’ outside psychiatrists to develop the best treatment plan. When necessary, our staff will prescribe medication and will arrange for a psychotherapy referral to an outside therapist for further treatment.

Dual diagnosis and options for residential psychiatric treatment

For patients whose problems require residential psychiatric treatment, Kolmac has established a collaborative relationship with The Retreat at Sheppard Pratt in Towson.

This innovative program allows patients to participate in a full day of psychiatric treatment at The Retreat, as well as full participation at the Kolmac program in the evening. Patients must pay out of pocket for The Retreat, which does not accept insurance. However, Kolmac fees are usually covered by insurance.

If you are seeking help for addiction and a co-occurring psychiatric condition, we can help. Contact us to learn more about our outpatient treatment program.

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