June 9th, 2020

Stay Connected to Ease the Fear of Relapse During COVID-19

by Jennifer Dorsey

Man with a worried look, possibly as a result of substance abuse depression, peering out a window

During the coronavirus pandemic, it is completely normal to feel anxious about relapsing. You might be worried about caring for loved ones, or about your job and finances, or you might be overwhelmed by the constant stream of negative news reports.

All this plus a lack of routine, face-to-face contact — plus the presence of concerns that you won’t get access to the help you need — can add up to a perfect storm, making the lines you normally set for yourself easier to cross.

A way to ease some of this relapse anxiety is to make sure that you maintain contact and connection with the people who care about you and with us here at Kolmac. Here are a few ways to do this.

You are not alone in this

Firstly, it is important to realize that even those who have never struggled with depression and anxiety are experiencing a lot of worries around the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic.

If you are in a vulnerable position, whether that is due to a diagnosed psychiatric disorder or substance use disorder, it’s vital to stay in touch with people who can reassure you that you are not alone. This sense of connection, of checking in, of staying engaged and listening to feedback, can help you stay on track during this time.

The power of staying connected

When you are feeling isolated, your mind can run wild — and this isolation doesn’t just occur when you are physically distant. Without a positive connection to others, your mind can take you to places that leave you with feelings of shame and unworthiness.

When you reach out, even virtually, to people with your interests at heart, you benefit from that human connection that can make you feel supported and loved. This doesn’t need to be a physical closeness, just a sense that you are being heard and that there is someone to support you during these tough times.

Help is still here for you

Kolmac is here and available to provide this connection.

When news of the lockdown hit us back in March, we created a virtual version of our clinics, to replicate a safe place where you can be open and share your vulnerability. It was so important to us to maintain this connection that we made the move to virtual in 24 hours. As part of this move, we have extended our services to offer even more support at this time.

  • Extra weekend services
    During lockdown, the days of the week are hard to differentiate. It can often feel as if there is no distinction between weekdays and the weekend. This prompted us to extend our withdrawal management groups and evaluations services from Monday through Sunday.
  • Connecting socially
    In our normal sessions, the 15-minute break between groups is a great opportunity for people to engage with each other, talk about something that relates to them, or share their interests and hobbies. A lot of great connection can come from chatting with someone during these breaks. On weekends, most of our offices are now hosting a social hour, where you can talk to other patients as you would normally in those 15-minute breaks.

This virtual connection has also helped Kolmac reach out to more people — we can now connect with those who live further away and help ease their fears of relapse.

Speak to one of our advisors at Kolmac more information about getting help with relapses – during the coronavirus pandemic and in the future.

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