Continuing Care

Continuing care is where you build on your recovery foundation

Because addiction is a chronic disorder, continued treatment is essential after initial stabilization through detoxification and rehabilitation. Kolmac has pioneered the evolution of this important, but often overlooked phase of treatment. We avoid this use of the term aftercare, which diminishes its importance.

In the continuing care phase of treatment you have the opportunity to consolidate the progress that you have made during the initial part of your treatment

At Kolmac, continuing care consists of once-weekly 2-hour group therapy sessions that are co-led by two licensed or certified clinicians. The length of this treatment phase is variable, depending on your needs and progress. We encourage people to remain until they have established a strong recovery plan, which usually requires one to two years. During this phase, your family members and friends are encouraged to continue to attend the family and friends support group at Kolmac. You are also encouraged to become more deeply involved in whichever recovery community support groups you prefer. Combining community support groups with simultaneous participation in professional treatment provides the best likelihood of a satisfying and stable recovery.

Kolmac continuing care is open as follow-up for all rehab programs

Historically, Kolmac limited admission to its continuing care groups to individuals who have completed intensive outpatient rehabilitation in the Kolmac program. While admission to Continuing care is reserved for individuals who are stepping down from a higher level of care, we now make these groups available to those who are transitioning from residential or intensive outpatient treatment at another facility.

Advantages of Kolmac continuing care

  • Access to over 50 groups
  • Services offered at 7 convenient locations
  • Both day and evening treatment availability
  • A central entry point for all patients
  • Organized feedback to referral sources

Since 1973, Kolmac has helped more than 50,000 patients understand and overcome addiction. Patients seeking drug and alcohol treatment should contact us at (888) 331-5251.


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