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The Kolmac Alumni Association is a membership organization formed to provide continued support.

The Kolmac Alumni Association is a membership organization formed to provide continued support for persons who have either completed Kolmac’s intensive outpatient program, continuing care program or are currently members of the continuing care program. Membership is granted regardless of length of recovery, substance used or level of recovery support. The Association does not judge any member’s approach to recovery.

The primary goals of the alumni are to enhance fellowship opportunities, broaden member support and increase community involvement. In the spirit of giving it back, the membership is encouraged to speak, wherever their experience will serve, as a demonstration that treatment works and recovery is possible, as mentors to those beginning on the road of recovery. Alumni members also work with the Kolmac Foundation by making treatment available to those in need of financial help. In undertaking our mission, each member remains mindful of one’s anonymity in all communications and contact outside of the membership meetings.

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Kolmac Alumni Association Info

  • AJ Mitchell is the Alumni Coordinator for Kolmac.  AJ brings with him a wealth of knowledge about Kolmac, the Alumni Association, and recovery process.
  • The Kolmac Alumni Association is on Facebook, and, to protect the privacy of its members, is only available by invitation. The Alumni Association enables greater interaction among the Association’s members. The group will not appear in search results, or in the Facebook profiles of its members.  For an invitation to the Alumni Association’s Facebook group, email us.

For further information about the Kolmac Alumni Association, please email here or call AJ Mitchell at (888) 684-0336.

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