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Family resource specialist

Meet Paul Dray, a Family Resource Specialist

Kolmac Outpatient Recovery Centers has always had a strong commitment to supporting and educating the families of our patients. When loved ones get involved with recovery, patients are more likely to complete treatment and have better long-term outcomes. For this reason, our team has created the role of Family Resource Specialist, one that Paul Dray is proud to hold.

We offer popular weekly family education groups to loved ones of patients in treatment with Kolmac. However, the Family Resource Specialist has a different role. Paul’s job is to connect with concerned family members and help them determine whether their loved one is ready to seek treatment.

Getting started in the addiction treatment field

Like the other members of the Kolmac team, Paul Dray is very passionate about addiction recovery. He started his career working as a custom furniture maker for private and commercial clients in the United States and the U.K. His passion and personal experiences with recovery led him to pursue a career change and transition into the addiction treatment field.

Because Paul has had family members and friends who have struggled with addiction, he can empathize with families and patients. He has an intimate understanding of the importance of family work and relapse prevention as essential components of successful treatment.

Paul Dray loves seeing the difference that addiction treatment can make

Paul joined Kolmac in 2015. He helped open the first Enhanced Recovery Program (ERP) group at our Columbia location. As that program expanded to other Kolmac locations, he took a lead role in coordinating and developing the ERP protocol within the company. In 2019 Paul transitioned to the role of Family Resource Specialist, a position he loves.

Paul Dray holds a degree in Human Services – Addictions Counseling. He has worked in numerous treatment settings, including residential, medication assisted treatment (MAT) and outpatient programs. This wealth of experience has made him a well-rounded counselor and a great fit for the role of Family Resource Specialist.

Sharing his personal statement about recovery

Paul utilizes a holistic, motivational and individualized approach to recovery. He knows we’re lucky to live in a time that has so many options to support a sober lifestyle. He has a passion for assisting clients and their family members as they explore recovery resources in the community.

“Seeing the success of so many clients at Kolmac means the world to me. I’ve experienced how bad things can get when a loved one is caught in the cycle of addiction and know how devastating it can be for the whole family. I feel privileged to help clients and their families. I want everyone to know help is out there. Nobody has to do this alone.”

When not working, Paul enjoys painting, beekeeping and biking. There must still be a little sawdust in his blood, as he can sometimes be found in his workshop finishing a custom piece of furniture or two.

Connect with Paul Dray at Kolmac

Paul has phone sessions available to offer support, education and hope to family members Monday through Friday. He is happy to meet in person at the Columbia, Towson and Baltimore offices Monday through Friday evenings as well.

If you would like more information, or are ready to schedule a session, please contact Paul directly at pdray@kolmac.com or leave a message at (301) 529-5985.

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