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Family Resource Specialist

Kolmac offers a Family Resource Specialist

The team at Kolmac knows that addiction doesn’t just affect the person with the substance use disorder. It also affects their family and friends. As a result, it’s important to provide education and support for them. At Kolmac, loved ones can turn to our Family Resource Specialist for these services.

Meet our Family Resource Specialist

If you think your loved one might need addiction treatment, Paul Dray can help. As our Family Resource Specialist, he works with concerned family members. His goal is to help them determine whether their loved one is ready to seek treatment.

Paul takes a holistic, motivational and individualized approach to recovery. In addition to his professional background in the field, he also has an intimate understanding of addiction. Family members who speak with him will benefit from his experience supporting some of his own loved ones with addiction.

How addiction support for loved ones works

Because we believe in the importance of providing addiction support for loved ones, meeting with our Family Resource Specialist is free of charge. Friends and family members can think of it as a free consultation.

Paul does not provide ongoing therapy or counseling for loved ones. Instead, he schedules a single session to provide information about navigating addiction treatment and recovery. Some of the topics he will discuss may include the following:

  • How to cope with a loved one’s addiction
  • Ways to convince them to seek treatment
  • Things not to do when a loved one has an addiction

Paul can provide education and support for loved ones via telephone Monday through Friday. Additionally, he can meet at the Columbia, Towson and Baltimore offices Monday through Friday evenings. Friends and family can contact him at pdray@kolmac.com or (301) 529-5985.


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