The Kolmac Treatment Program

Kolmac’s outpatient treatment program helps you establish a satisfying life without the use of addictive substances or behaviors

A distinctive feature of our treatment program is that these phases are designed to overlap to facilitate a smooth transition between them. Family and friends are encouraged to attend a separate weekly meeting during all phases of the patient’s treatment.

Our program is made up of three traditional treatment phases designed to make your recovery successful and effective.


Addiction recovery treatment

Outpatient detoxification phase

Outpatient detoxification is accomplished safely and comfortably by the Kolmac medical staff. You can remain at Kolmac and be monitored for up to 10 hours a day. Hospitalization is rarely necessary, but can be quickly arranged if needed.

Outpatient rehabilitation phase of our treatment program

During the outpatient rehabilitation phase, three group sessions with brief breaks in between are conducted, lasting a total of three hours and consisting of therapy and education.  The frequency of these sessions is gradually tapered from five time to twice weekly as your condition stabilizes. Individual sessions are also scheduled

Continuing care phase

The continuing care phase you attend a once weekly, two hour group therapy session co-led by two licensed or certified clinicians. The length of this phase is variable according to individual need and we encourage you to remain until you have established a strong recovery plan. Our goal is for you to continue to manage your recovery in a recovery community support group without formal treatment at Kolmac, although we remain available to you as a resource if needed.

Kolmac continuing care is open as follow-up for all treatment programs

Historically, Kolmac limited admission to its continuing care groups to individuals who have completed intensive outpatient rehabilitation in the Kolmac program. We now treat patients in the Continuing Care program who started their rehabilitation at residential and other addiction treatment facilities, to fill the need in the community for an organized approach to this level of care.

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