October 11th, 2017

There’s a lot of misinformation out there. Popular misinformation. Even “viral” misinformation. Like this popular idea: For addiction treatment to be effective you must get away from your daily place of work, home, and family to focus solely on treatment.

Sounds right, right? Except there isn’t any research to back it up.

Truth is that most people benefit just as much — or more — from outpatient addiction treatment than they would going away for 28 days. That’s right, research studies show that outpatient treatment for substance use disorders is just as effective as inpatient for most people.  

Sure, some cases may benefit more from an inpatient alternative. But for most people, outpatient treatment in a real-world context works as well or better.

Beyond the fact that outpatient is more affordable and convenient, the real driver behind the Kolmac approach is that outpatient integrates treatment with real life. Overcoming active addiction is less about hiding from our realities and more about facing them with the right tools for lifelong recovery — especially early on.   

The triggers that emerge in early recovery are often strongest in the context of daily life. Kolmac imparts real-world tools to combat these triggers in the most sensitive first few weeks and months of recovery. Our patients learn, live, and grow beyond the dictates of active addiction into a stable life of freedom and strength — without the stigma or cost associated with “going away” to rehab. It’s a real-world solution for a real-world problem.

During outpatient treatment at Kolmac, clinicians are available as you move back and forth from treatment to your regular work and daily routine. You deal with life’s challenges and triggers with the support of counselors helping you deal with each situation.

We’re grateful that more and more people are discovering that integrated treatment for recovery in the real world works best in outpatient settings. Simply put, outpatient works. Not only because it’s supported by research and published studies, but because thousands of our patients are living proof, having discovered new lives of freedom, hope, and happiness.  

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