Kolmac’s Mission

Kolmac’s mission is to provide excellent care to patients facing addiction

Kolmac’s mission includes two goals. The first goal is to provide high-quality care, support and affordable treatment to patients. The second is to improve the addiction industry and raise the bar for patient care. Our mission is at the heart of everything we do, and each member of our team works hard every day to make this mission a reality.

Patient care is at the heart of Kolmac’s mission

Kolmac’s mission began in 1973 when George Kolodner MD, our Chief Innovation Officer, designed the first intensive outpatient (IOP) program in the United States. As the father of IOP, Dr. Kolodner created and implemented the program we use today at Kolmac. This innovative outpatient approach has become a standard of care in the addiction treatment industry.

From the beginning, we knew the inconvenience and cost of taking a leave of absence or quitting a job to seek residential treatment prevented many patients from getting the treatment they needed. Kolmac’s mission is to help patients with substance use disorders get treatment and enter recovery. Our effective outpatient treatment program is the answer for working people, students and parents who don’t want to be away from their families for residential care.

Every phase of our program allows patients to maintain their responsibilities and live at home with their loved ones. From our safe detoxification to our intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment and continuing care, patients work hard and achieve excellent results without needing to spend time in a hospital or residential facility.

Raising the expectations for care provided by the addiction industry

In 1973, we began treating patients with alcohol use disorders. As Kolmac’s mission advanced, we started treating patients with cocaine dependence. As time went on, we raised the bar and expanded our program to treat people who have alcohol or drug use disorders, as well as gambling addiction.

At Kolmac, our skilled clinicians continue to seek educational opportunities to learn and grow in the field. Each of our professionals brings their unique training and knowledge to our centers. Our staff readily makes changes when they discover research or learn something new that benefits our patients and elevates patient care.

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