December 12th, 2016

Kolmac offers tips for staying sober over the holidays

Staying sober over the holidays can be challenging for people in recovery. There are many social events and opportunities to drink alcohol or use drugs. Fortunately, Kolmac has many tips to help you maintain sobriety during the holidays. The key is to become familiar with these tips and to prepare for holiday events.

Start by setting goals for the holidays

You should start by setting a realistic goal. This could be to get through the season without a relapse. After setting a goal, we recommend you follow these tips for staying sober over the holidays.

  1. Plan ahead. Be sure you know what events are coming up and make a game plan. If drugs or alcohol may be at an event, take time to prepare. Maybe even consider skipping an event if the risk is too great.
  2. Get help from friends. Think about bringing a sober friend with you to a work or family event. You may also want to tell a friend or your sponsor you will call them when the event is over to check in.
  3. Set limits. The holidays can be a stressful time of year. As a result, don’t feel bad about saying no or setting limits. Boundaries can help protect you from stress, which helps with staying sober over the holidays.
  4. Identify your triggers and avoid them. Avoid the situations, people and places that trigger you to drink or use drugs. Also pay attention to being hungry, angry, lonely and tired (“HALT”). These are vulnerable times during recovery.
  5. Keep your hands occupied. While at a party, keep a non-alcoholic beverage in your hand. This keeps your hands occupied, so people are less likely to ask if you need a drink.
  6. Let the host know your situation. That way they won’t take it personally if you need to leave early. You should also have an exit strategy. This could include having your car at the event so you can leave when you want.

Staying sober over the holidays is possible

Contact us to learn more about having a sober holiday season. With the right tools and support from Kolmac. You can stay sober and avoid a relapse during the holidays.

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