George Kolodner MD

George Kolodner MD

Founder, at Kolmac from 1973-2021

George Kolodner Founder Chief Innovation OfficerGeorge Kolodner MD founded Kolmac to change the lives of men and women facing addiction

George Kolodner MD is a board-certified addiction psychiatrist who specializes in the intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment of substance use disorders. He founded Kolmac Integrated Behavioral Health Centers in 1973 and worked relentlessly over the years to increase awareness of IOP while keeping Kolmac on the cusp of leading-edge treatment for women and men.

A look at Dr. Kolodner’s education and experience

George Kolodner MD received his medical degree from the University of Rochester before he completed his psychiatric training at the prestigious Yale University.

While serving as a staff psychiatrist for the U.S. Navy, he witnessed recovery from alcoholism for the first time at a Naval residential rehabilitation program. Motivated by this experience, he became interested in replicating this success in an outpatient setting.

After leaving the Navy in 1973, he designed and implemented the first IOP addiction treatment program in the country at Kolmac. Since then, his primary focus has been on developing outpatient treatment strategies for managing withdrawal and rehabilitation services for people with substance use disorders.

George Kolodner MD is well-respected in the field of addiction treatment

Throughout his career, Dr. Kolodner has made many presentations on addiction at the annual meetings of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the American Psychiatric Association, of which he is a Distinguished Life Fellow.

His publications on addiction include articles on co-occurring psychiatric disorders, cannabis and book chapters on outpatient withdrawal management. He is a past member of the APA Addiction Council and Addiction Treatment Committee. George Kolodner MD is also a current Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at both the Georgetown University School of Medicine and the University of Maryland School of Medicine.


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