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Learn who benefits from addiction treatment at Kolmac

Who benefits from addiction treatment? The patients at Kolmac Integrated Behavioral Health Centers come from different age groups, neighborhoods and occupations. Our program is for adults (at least 18 years old) who are looking for outpatient addiction treatment. The expense, disruption and inconvenience of residential treatment often keep patients from seeking care. However, outpatient treatment at Kolmac allows patients to remain at home with their loved ones and continue working and going to school.

The patients at Kolmac are a diverse group

If you’re wondering who benefits from addiction treatment at Kolmac, you’ll be happy to learn that we serve many types of people. Our patients come from different backgrounds and need help recovering from different substances. Our goal is to provide conveniently located treatment centers near the places where people live and work.

Our patients work in every type of profession imaginable because Kolmac’s program meets the needs of the working public, offering hours that can accommodate a variety of schedules. Many of our patients use their employer-based health insurance to help pay for their treatment.

Traditionally, women have been reluctant to seek treatment, often because residential treatment didn’t work with their family responsibilities. However, Kolmac’s flexible hours and availability make it easier for women to get the help they need.

Who benefits from addiction treatment? Kolmac serves specialty groups

We understand that some patients at Kolmac find it easier to be open when surrounded by their peers. When one of our recovery centers has enough patients with a similar interest, we can establish a group to focus on their issues. Currently, there is a longstanding group for gay men at our D.C. center, young adults have groups at our Gaithersburg and Towson centers, and medical professionals gather at our Baltimore center. We also offer groups for high-functioning professionals in D.C. and Silver Spring.

Family and loved ones are an essential part of our patients’ treatment

At Kolmac, our treatment program includes patients’ families. We offer weekly group sessions with clinicians that provide education about alcohol and drug use. Friends and family also can discuss their experiences with their loved ones’ addiction and the recovery process.

Patients at Kolmac receive individualized treatment. Our program includes detox, intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment and continuing care. For more information about our outpatient treatment program and who benefits from addiction treatment, contact us.

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