Kolmac Outpatient Recovery Centers

Who We Treat

Who we work with at Kolmac

Our patients are adults, 18 and older, who choose/decide to remain on their jobs and with their families while getting treatment. Our program is specifically designed to meet the needs of employed people, who therefore make up the bulk of our patients, ranging from professional occupations to unskilled labor. Almost all use their employer-based health insurance, which has confidentiality protection, to help pay for their treatment.

One-third of our patients are women and the racial mix is diverse, reflecting the demographics of each particular office. Because of the intensity of our program and the density of our medical staffing, we can treat not only people with mild and moderate levels of addiction, but also those with a high level of severity, who might think that treatment in an inpatient setting would be the only option.

We also serve specialty groups. When one of our Centers has a sufficient number of patients of a particular type, we establish a group to focus on their particular issue. Currently, we have longstanding groups for gay men in our D.C. Center, young adults in our Gaithersburg and Towson Centers, and medical professionals in our Baltimore Center.

Is the family included in the treatment process?

Definitely. Weekly group sessions for relatives and close friends are conducted by Kolmac Outpatient Recovery Centers family therapists. In addition to learning about alcohol and other drug dependence, they have an opportunity to discuss their own experiences with both the illness and the recovery process. Additional information and group schedules can be found on the Family and Friends page of our website.