Executive Team

Dr. Joseph H. O’Leary, MD 

Medical Director

Dr. Joseph H. O’Leary, MD

Dr. Joseph H. O’Leary is the Medical Director of Kolmac Integrated Behavioral Health and Concerted Care Group (CCG). Before joining Kolmac, Dr. O’Leary worked for the Catholic Charities of Maryland in 1997 as its Medical Director of the Family Services Division. During his time with the organization, he added programming for individuals with substance use disorders. And after 22 years with Catholic Charities of Maryland, Dr. O’Leary retired from this position and joined Access Carroll, an Integrated Healthcare Service company, and became the Medical Director to its Behavioral Health team.
Dr. O’Leary gained his psychiatric training from Georgetown University Hospital. Which would later help him in becoming the Medical Director of RICA – Southern Maryland, a residential treatment center in Prince George’s County. During his time with RICA, he implemented the addition of substance use disorder treatment to the existing mental health program.
Today, he is the Medical Director of Kolmac and CCG, since coming on board in May of 2022. As Kolmac’s Medical Director, his professional interests are in treating individuals with co-occurring disorders, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, anxiety disorders, and ADHD.

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