Kolmac Outpatient Recovery Centers

Addiction Treatment Center in Gaithersburg, MD

Kolmac delivers total addiction treatment in Gaithersburg and the surrounding areas

Kolmac Outpatient Recovery Centers makes local addiction treatment in Gaithersburg possible through its established outpatient program. As the founder of this effective treatment model, we have helped more than 30,000 men and women achieve lasting sobriety for decades, all while keeping their jobs and staying in their homes. Decades of research has shown that this type of outpatient care produces the same levels of success as residential programs.

Clinical and empathetic addiction treatment

Clinicians at Kolmac treat addiction as a chronic disease, addressing its biological, psychological, behavioral and social aspects. Our addiction treatment program consists of medical intervention, counseling, support groups and family programming. Patients are locally supported by Kolmac medical staff, fellow group members and patient advocates – former Kolmac patients who have been sober for five years or more. In order to receive high-quality detoxification and relapse prevention services, our patients visit us at a nearby clinic at least three times a week.

Kolmac makes it possible to begin treatment in Gaithersburg within 24 hours. Through our outpatient care, there is no need to wait for a bed in a residential facility or leave your family for a month or more. Outpatient recovery through Kolmac is also more affordable than residential, and we work with most major insurance companies.

Creating the intensive outpatient treatment model

Our founder, George Kolodner MD, began his clinical work at the U.S. Navy Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. At the time, the prognosis was poor for patients suffering from addiction. However, Dr. Kolodner witnessed recoveries in active-duty men that surprised and inspired him.

He left the Navy in 1973 and went on to create the first intensive outpatient (IOP) program in the country with the hope of providing high-level addiction treatment with no wait list for admission. He created Kolmac Outpatient Recovery Centers and founded a program that offers unique benefits.

  • Can begin at the time of crisis, maintains daily life and is financially reasonable
  • Uses a highly effective relapse prevention technique
  • Has helped tens of thousands of men and women

Kolmac’s Gaithersburg center is within 20 minutes of the following areas.

  • Montgomery Village, MD
  • Redland, MD
  • Germantown, MD
  • Friendship Village, MD
  • Rockville, MD
  • North Potomac, MD Olney, MD
  • North Bethesda, MD
  • Aspen Hill, MD
  • Potomac, MD
  • Damascus, MD
  • Colesville, MD
  • Bethesda, MD
  • Green Valley, MD
  • White Oak, MD

Our medical staff, counselors and patient advocates provide a proven path to recovery for those seeking addiction treatment in Gaithersburg. When you are ready to break free from addiction, contact us here or at (888) 684- 0336.

Our Gaithersburg drug and alcohol treatment center

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