May 22nd, 2024

Unveiling Kolmac’s Impact Through Employee Testimonials

Kolmac Integrated Behavioral Health’s reputation as a leading provider in addiction recovery and mental health treatment is bolstered not only by its innovative programs but also by the experiences of its dedicated staff. In this article, we explore insights from Kolmac employees, highlighting their perspectives on working for the organization, their most meaningful experiences, and the transformative impact Kolmac has had on their views of mental and behavioral health.

Working for Kolmac: A Transformative Journey

Question 1: What is it like working for Kolmac?

  • Alves W.: So, I’ve had the luxury of working for Kolmac for five years now. I originally was a front desk receptionist at the DC office. It’s been an awesome experience. I got to meet the founder of the company, George Kolodner, who’s also the founder of the IOP model.
  • David D.: Kolmac is an exciting place to work, and I wake up every day looking forward to interacting with patients, facilities, and being the liaison between families.
  • Ashley B.: Working for Kolmac has been great. I really have just enjoyed learning and growing within the company.

Meaningful Experiences at Kolmac

Question 2: What has been your best experience at Kolmac?

  • Teneil L.: Kolmac has been an awesome experience. I have come into a company as a temp and learned awesome things. My experience ended and I chose to come back. It wasn’t something that I needed to do, but it was something that I wanted to do, because of the relationships that I was able to build and the stuff that I was able to learn with the company.
  • Ashley B.: My best experience has probably been transitioning more into the role that I am now and just being able to have upward mobility.
  • Alves W.: Since I was a front desk receptionist, I now work in IT. I didn’t plan on working in IT, it kind of just sort of fell in my lap. Kolmac gave me the opportunity to work in IT, and now I’ve been here doing this for almost three years.
  • David D.: It’s a wonderful feeling when you can end your workday and know that you’ve made an impact on someone in the community.

Changing Perspectives on Mental and Behavioral Health

Question 3: How has Kolmac changed the way you view mental/behavioral health?

  • David D.: So, when I came aboard at Kolmac, I thought I was very open-minded towards stigmas that have been around for many years about mental health. But Kolmac continues to surprise and enlighten me in ways that I didn’t expect.
  • Alves W.: I’ve seen sort of the change in how much the program helps people. They’re just regular people that may have this addiction that is sort of stopping them from being themselves. But I think that we should treat them as regular people. They have the same responsibilities as the rest of us, they just struggle with addiction.
  • Teneil L.: Mental health has always had a negative stigma, and drug abuse, also a negative stigma. And working with this company has enlightened me tremendously, knowing that you can meet someone at their lowest point and experience growth.

Through the candid testimonials of its employees, Kolmac emerges as not only a provider of exemplary addiction recovery and mental health services but also as a catalyst for personal and professional transformation, shaping perspectives and fostering empathy within its workforce.

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