A Father’s Story

CEO of Kolmac, Wayne Sensor, understands addiction from a parent’s perspective

Wayne Sensor understands how families feel when a loved one is struggling with addiction. He watched as his daughter faced addiction to cocaine and alcohol.

After facing some difficulties in her youth, his daughter revealed that she was struggling with addiction. She received treatment and experienced a relapse, but ultimately won the battle against her addiction.

Today, Wayne uses his role as CEO of Kolmac to encourage people to seek help for addiction. He also stresses that parents and family members shouldn’t blame themselves for their loved one’s addiction. Instead, they should realize the important role they play in their recovery.

Family members are encouraged to contact Kolmac. (888) 684-0336

The Medical Mind Podcast

Hear the latest from our Founder and Chief Innovation Officer. Dr. Kolodner talks about Rethinking Withdrawal Management.

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