Steve DeVore

Steve DeVore

President & CEO of Kolmac

President & Chief Executive Officer, Steve DeVoreAs President & CEO, Steve DeVore leads the esteemed team at Kolmac Outpatient Recovery Centers. He came to the organization in 2020 during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Among his goals is to ensure that even more patients can get care for substance use disorders, even in the privacy and safety of their own home.

Kolmac is a pioneer in the field of intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment of substance use disorders, including medication-assisted treatment of withdrawal. During the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, Kolmac pioneered remote therapy when the clinics closed in the interest of patient and staff safety. Steve is determined to help Kolmac reach even more people, over a broader area, with its in-person and remote care.

Taking Care of Business, So Kolmac Can Take Care of Patients

Steve is passionate about supporting healthcare practices. He has extensive experience across various healthcare industries. He has always focused on improving patient care and service excellence. Steve has served as:

  • Chief operating officer of Light Wave Dental, a management services partner for top-tier dental practices in the Mid-Atlantic region
  • Group vice president of operations for National Veterinary Associates, which owns and operates animal hospitals and boarding facilities in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Divisional vice president for DaVita Healthcare Partners, Inc., leading operations of 55 outpatient dialysis programs throughout Maryland, serving more than 4,000 patients with kidney failure

Steve earned his BA in business management from Washington College, where he was a 2X captain and All-Conference player for the men’s basketball team. He earned his MBA from the New York Institute of Technology.

Steve supports Kolmac’s evidence-based outpatient recovery model

Steve is joining Kolmac at a critical time. The coronavirus pandemic has caused many kinds of stress, while also leading to social isolation. This combination of stress and isolation is a recipe for an epidemic of addiction and relapse. So the need for Kolmac’s services is large and growing. Steve is determined to help Kolmac grow to meet those patients’ needs.

Steve understands the challenges that addiction brings to patients and their families. For this reason, he is dedicated to ensuring that Kolmac can deliver care to patients and their families, often in the privacy of their own home, and on a convenient schedule. ”I am extremely honored to continue the legacy of Dr. George Kolodner and the committed caregivers and professionals of Kolmac. Throughout my career, I have strived to make a difference in the lives of patients, their families, our team members, and the communities we have served. I have seen firsthand the hardships and pain caused when those close to you suffer with substance use disorders. To be able to expand our capabilities and our reach in meeting the needs of these patients is incredibly meaningful to me.”


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