Two Years Sober. Works in a Bar.

Recovery is never one size fits all

What works and is true for one person may not work or be true for another. Some people respond to environmental cues differently than others do. One person may have eight years clean/sober and be horrified even by the thought of certain environments. Another person may only have two years sober and is able to handle environments that others can’t. So the “rules” vary and are unique to each individual. Roc & Doc talk more about it in this latest episode.

So a regular Roc & Doc viewer with 8 years sober writes in with a concern about another friend in recovery. This friend of his has 2 years sober and mixes drinks in a bar for a living. The writer feels that this is “horrific” and cites deep concern for a person with just 2 years in. After all, the oft-repeated mantra in many 12-step groups is “people, places, and things.” The idea is that people in recovery, especially early recovery, should avoid certain environments in order to stay safe.

But not so quick. It is true that some people would be more prone to relapse in that kind of environment. But let us not assume that everyone will. Moreover, it’s important not to judge the quality of another person’s recovery because that might even be a greater trigger than mixing drinks! The point is, everyone is different and there is a complex mix of variables that we all need to take into consideration when we make choices about our environments. Roc & Doc talk more about that in this latest episode.  

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