Roc & Doc: Safe With Narcan?

Kolmac Integrated Behavioral Health Centers sponsors Roc & Doc — a YouTube channel dedicated to addiction recovery. Tony Massey (“Doc”) and Rennie Grant (“Roc”) discuss addiction, treatment, and recovery from an experiential perspective combined with the evidence-based perspective. 

Jennifer G writes Roc & Doc

Jennifer G is a recovering heroin addict with 30 days clean. She says she has “a solid recovery program and feels great.” She says, “I really believe I’ll never use again.”

She goes on to say that her wife has been given Narcan training and that it makes her feel safe to have Narcan around in case she relapses and overdoses.

Narcan reverses heroin overdose

Narcan does in fact save lives and it’s great that society has this resource. But we certainly don’t want to rely on it. It could give you a self-deceiving sense of safety and even possibly an excuse to use again.

At some point in recovery, we go from playing defense to playing more offense. It’s less about white-knuckling and having a backup plan, and more about the proactive daily pursuit of an entirely new life.

30 days is extremely early in the recovery process. We’re certainly always here for support. And if there’s anything we’d love to encourage you with today, it’s that the best thing we can do is understand that recovery is a lifelong process. It’s not mere abstinence, it’s a lifestyle. Recovery is more than getting back what you may have lost. It’s the journey of living a life beyond anything you could have ever imagined in the days of your using. So go all out for your new way of life! 

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