Roc & Doc: Beating Holiday Triggers

Tips for Beating Holiday Triggers

We once associated much of our drinking, using, eating, gambling, sexual exploits, etc., with celebration. We let the good times roll — right over us. Many addictions begin unknowingly with simple and fun things like parties.

Now let’s roll film! All the way through.

“Last night was a blast,” we said on our way to pay homage to the porcelain shrine. And the regrets: The words, the money blown, the blackouts, the sexual missteps, the lies told, the lies believed, the bets lost, the gossip, the time squandered, the reputation compromised, the DUI, the friendships burned, the family harmed, and on and on it goes… all for a few hours of seemingly harmless “fun.”

Maybe not all of these examples convey for you, but if only a few do, it’s still cause for reflection. Especially if those “fun” times led to addiction. What we’ve discovered, hopefully, is that there’s a much better way to celebrate the good times; a way that’s wise, forward-thinking and with an eye on the big picture.

We often say, “recovery is a lifestyle.” This is because addiction is a lifestyle too. Many of us choose recovery instead. Why? Because addiction is a progressive lifestyle downward; but recovery is a progressive lifestyle upward and onward. We choose recovery for good reasons.

So what does the party look like for those of us in recovery? It’s sharing the great news of progress. It’s great times with true friends, the ones who’ll be there for you through thick and thin. It’s a warm conversation over a meal. It’s the cheery-eyed — not bleary-eyed — celebration of milestones in recovery. It’s the joy of truths told, wisdom gained, families restored, friendships kept, health preserved, money saved, reputations improved, careers advanced, friends saved from the fires of addiction, time well-spent, laughter at the expense of yourself, not others, no regrets, and on and on and on the recovery party goes.

Roc & Doc talk more about that in this episode.   


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