October 29th, 2019

The sober curious movement brings substance-free living into the mainstream

Living sober healthy lifestyleA healthy new trend is on the rise, thanks to the sober curious movement. With Instagram influencers promoting sobriety as a hip lifestyle, increasing space is being made for those who want to live a life free from alcohol.

What does this mean for those who have a diagnosed substance use disorder? Kolmac explores the effect of the sober curious movement in the recovery community.

The beginnings of the sober curious movement

In 2012, New York journalist Ruby Warrington began recognizing her fatigue around repeatedly drinking at every single social outing, only to wake up feeling sluggish. In her own words, she was “a little bit addicted to alcohol.”

Warrington tried 12-step programs but didn’t quite identify with the clinical reliance she saw during meetings. She decided to embark on her own journey, which she dubbed a “sober curious lifestyle.” She started mostly abstaining from alcohol and shared her growth through her book and podcast, both called Sober Curious.

Since then, the sober curious lifestyle has caught on around the world. The movement has over 18,000 users on Facebook and 39,000 followers on Instagram. Sober social groups and bars are popping up in New York, London, San Francisco and other cities around the globe. Non-alcohol craft beers are being developed, from small breweries all the way up to Heineken.

The benefits of the movement

One of the most positive notions behind the sober curious movement is the transparency about living an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Influencers on Instagram are making sobriety a choice, with the current climate behind leading a clean and toxin-free life laying the groundwork for this belief. Photos of bright and healthy people taking in outdoor recreation, playing games and enjoying healthy food and drinks abound on social media.

Those living a substance-free life have more freedom in their choice of social gatherings, and they can publicly take pride in their sobriety.

Warnings about the sober curious movement

Being sober curious is just that – a curiosity. It is not a lifelong solution for a person with a diagnosed dependence on an addictive substance.

When a person advances from social use to addiction, the chemical pathways in their brains change. Recovery from such a disorder requires treatment overseen by clinical experts. Medication is often necessary, as well as an intense and structured accountability system.

Our take on the sober curious lifestyle

At Kolmac, we follow a complete abstinence model of treatment. The biological makeup of a person at risk of developing or relapsing into substance use requires lifelong abstention, not just a temporary curiosity.

However, we are glad to see more people enjoying the benefits of an alcohol-free life and encouraging others to make it a fun and healthy practice to own.

To learn more about the role of the sober curious movement in the recovery world, call us at (888) 684-0336 or contact us here.

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