Referrals to Other Programs

When More Help is Needed

Kolmac treats addiction as a that affects the whole person, taking every aspect of a patient’s health and well-being into account. A key part of our treatment is to treat addiction an any co-occurring psychiatric disorders at the same time.

Experienced staff who listen patients and families

Our medical and clinical staff includes psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners, all of whom have experience treating anxiety, mood disorders, trauma, ADHD and more. Our therapists work collaboratively with our patients’ mental health professionals and treatment providers.

We know that listening is key to providing patients with the treatment they need. We listen carefully to patients, their loved ones and those making mental health professional referrals. The information we gather helps us to develop the most effective treatment plans.

Referrals to outside specialists, if necessary

Our team closely monitors patients who have co-occurring disorders, understanding that it is sometimes necessary to make changes quickly. We recognize that sometimes a patient may need to be referred to outside therapists or residential psychiatric facilities for more treatment, and we are always prepared to get extra help when needed.

Get Help Today!

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