Mental Health Professional Referrals

Learn more about mental health professional referrals at Kolmac

Psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, therapists, and social workers should feel confident about making mental health professional referrals to Kolmac. Our team treats addiction as a chronic disease rather that affects the whole person, taking every aspect of a patient’s health and well-being into account.

When we receive a referral, our team goes into action, often evaluating and admitting patients within 24 hours. For patients’ convenience, Kolmac offers three different evaluation methods, including telephone interviews, walk-in appointments and face-to-face intake.

Kolmac treats addiction and psychiatric disorders simultaneously

Many patients at Kolmac have a dual diagnosis (co-occurring disorder) and receive treatment for both addiction and mental health issues. It is our firm belief that patients need to receive simultaneous treatment for addiction and psychiatric issues in order to have an enduring recovery.

Those who make mental health professional referrals to Kolmac are pleased to learn that our medical and clinical staff have experience treating anxiety, mood disorders, trauma, ADHD and more.

Here are some other key things to know about making addiction referrals to Kolmac.

  • Our staff includes psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, physician assistants and nurse practitioners.
  • Our therapists work collaboratively with our patients’ mental health professionals and treatment providers.
  • Listening is key to providing patients with the treatment they need. We listen carefully to patients, their loved ones and those making mental health professional referrals. The information we gather helps us to develop the most effective treatment plans.

Kolmac revises treatment plans when patients’ needs change

Our team closely monitors patients who have a co-occurring disorder, understanding our team may need to make changes quickly. For example, if a patient experiences side effects from medications, our team will make a rapid assessment and adjust their treatment plan. This flexibility is an asset that we know those making referrals to Kolmac value.

Furthermore, our experienced team understands that sometimes a patient may need to be referred to outside therapists or residential psychiatric facilities for more treatment. Hence, our team is always prepared to get extra help when needed.

Those making mental health professional referrals should contact us for more information.

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