Legal Professional Referrals

Kolmac accepts legal professional referrals for treatment

At Kolmac, legal professional referrals for treatment can be the catalyst for recovery. As such, our team provides valuable information to attorneys, probation officers, courts and anyone else who needs to refer a patient to us for addiction treatment.

What should you know about making legal professional referrals?

Attorneys and others who are making referrals can rely on the measurement-based, outpatient treatment program at Kolmac. We have treated more than 36,000 patients since 1973. As a result, we have the experience and the expertise to help those who have addiction and legal issues. Here are three essential points about our program.

  • Professionals who make addiction referrals to Kolmac receive updates at every stage of their clients’ treatment. We believe in collaboration with our referral partners and other professionals who are working with our patients.
  • At Kolmac, we can usually evaluate and admit patients within 24 hours of receiving legal professional referrals. We have multiple offices, and we offer three different options for evaluations, including face to face intake, walk-in appointments and telephone intake.
  • Referring partners and patients appreciate the flexibility that our program offers. Our extensive range of office hours provides patients with time to deal with legal issues, keep working and continue living at home. We also can write letters to the court about a patient’s progress in treatment.

Kolmac’s affordable treatment is an asset for many patients

Patients appreciate referrals to Kolmac because of our program’s flexibility. We offer daytime and evening hours so that employees can manage their work and therapy time efficiently. Doing so allows them to keep working and pay their expenses.

Unlike residential treatment, our outpatient treatment program is affordable for almost all patients. In fact, insurance covers the expense in many cases. Furthermore, since patients can continue to work and live at home, they have fewer worries about their loved ones’ finances while they are in treatment.

Kolmac’s outpatient treatment is as effective as inpatient treatment programs

Attorneys and other professionals making legal professional referrals to Kolmac give their clients access to an outpatient program is highly effective. Our three-stage program includes detoxification, intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment and continuing care. Our experienced team also treats patients with a dual diagnosis (both addiction and mental health issues).

Anyone who makes addiction referrals should contact us for more information.

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