The Kolmac Academy Online Library

In an effort to expand our educational programs, the Kolmac Academy now offers online education.

We have begun filming select Kolmac School presentations for online viewing.  Here you can find a library of filmed Kolmac Academy presentations supplemented by other high-quality community presentations focused on addiction.

For viewing ease, the unique layout simultaneously displays the presenter and PowerPoint slides.  Presentations are indexed, allowing the viewer to watch pertinent portions of the presentation without viewing the entire 90 minutes.  This library will continue to grow as we film future events.  We hope this proves to be a helpful resource for those who are unable to attend Kolmac Academy programs in person.

Kolmac Integrated Behavioral Health remains committed to our dual missions of providing excellent care, while looking for opportunities to help our field improve.  We hope to continue to offer helpful resources to the treatment community that will assist in the diagnosis and treatment of addiction.

Kolmac Academy Presentations

Community Presentations

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