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We are social creatures. Embracing the social nature of being is central to recovery and wellness. There were times when broken or troubled relationships became an impetus for our drinking or using or eating or whatever. But that wasn’t all. We moved further and further away from others when behaviors became addiction. We eventually had to isolate to maintain addiction. And further down — and out — we went.

An opposite dynamic is at work in recovery. We replace down and out with up and in. As we move further away from those days of active addiction we find that broken relationships get mended. The more connected we are to our natural way of being, the easier it is to reject a fake way of being. In recovery, we become real again. And that’s the simple reason why community is essential to a successful recovery.

Long after initial treatment, a sense of belonging is a vital component for successful lifelong recovery. At Kolmac, we want to provide every opportunity possible for people to stay connected. Much effort is put into facilitating events and resources for people who want to be a part of all that’s happening.

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