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Confidentiality in Addiction Treatment

Kolmac maintains confidentiality in addiction treatment

Patient confidentiality in addiction treatment is a significant component of any effective program. At Kolmac, we always preserve patient privacy. We have successfully worked with both everyday people and public figures for 30 years, earning us a reputation as the experts in confidential addiction treatment.

Why is addiction treatment confidentiality so important?

When someone has an addiction, they have the right to share their story with whomever they choose. This is more than just common sense. It’s the law.

Confidentiality is a cornerstone value at Kolmac for many reasons. First, we hold ourselves to a high legal standard. Every employee at Kolmac completes an annual training on HIPAA compliance laws. Our clinicians are unrelenting in holding system-wide confidentiality as one of the most important factors in our form of addiction treatment.

Additionally, a lack of confidentiality can serve as a barrier to someone considering addiction treatment. It is normal not to want people to know about your addiction, especially early on in your quest for recovery. Kolmac’s job is to continually hold fast and firm to your right to privacy and allow you to make the choices about who to tell and when.

Confidentiality is a major component in what makes treatment and group session so successful. People know they can share openly without worrying that their private information will follow them back into their work or personal lives

Kolmac takes confidentiality in addiction treatment extremely seriously. Our patients can be confident that their privacy remains safe with us.

More about confidentiality in addiction treatment at Kolmac

Due to our home base in Maryland, we have extensive experience in working with high-level government employees, healthcare professionals and athletes. Here are some important Kolmac practices around confidentiality in addiction treatment to note.

  • If an employer calls us asking about a patient, we can neither confirm nor deny that they were ever treated at Kolmac.
  • Insurance carriers must keep addiction treatment coverage hidden from employers, so you can use your healthcare benefits while maintaining your privacy at work.
  • We have never had a patient not obtain a government security clearance due to their time at Kolmac.
  • The patient decides if, when and what kind of information we may disclose to another party. The only exception to this standard would be a life-threatening emergency. In such a rare case, we may disclose his or her medication to the treating physician.

Kolmac has successfully protected the privacy of our patients for over 30 years. We apply our strict confidentiality rules to all our patients. Contact us at (888) 684-0336 to learn more about confidentiality practices at Kolmac.

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