Michael Clark

Michael Clark

Chief Administrative Officer

Chief Administrative officerA look at Michael’s education and experience

Michael’s educational background focused on the world of technology. He studied computer networking, programming and database administration. Over the years, Michael Clark earned certifications in these areas.

Kolmac has long held a special place in Michael’s heart. He began working for the organization during college. In his first role, he worked at the front desk. Michael Clark later received a promotion to Office Manager before he became the Director of Corporate Operations. Today, he is the Chief Administrative Officer.

According to Michael, “I’ve been at Kolmac for my entire career and I’ve worked in many different roles. I love this organization because we’re helping people and I’m always facing new and exciting work challenges.”

Michael Clark is responsible for many important functions at Kolmac

At Kolmac, Michael wears many hats as the Chief Administrative Officer. “I oversee IT, licensing and accreditation, leasing, and privacy and security. Every day is different from the last and I enjoy all the variety in my work,” he explains.

Michael’s passion for Kolmac started early and never left

“When I worked at the front desk in college, I saw what a difference Kolmac makes in the lives of patients. I would see patients come in for detox and they were barely able to function. Then, I would see them a few days later and they were entirely different people. It’s remarkable,” Michael Clark explains.

He also has enormous respect for the Founder of Kolmac, George Kolodner MD. “I really admire George for what he has built and the way he’s changing lives.”

Michael is a father of two young children, and he enjoys spending as much time with them as possible.

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