Medication Assisted Treatment

MAT—Medication Assisted Treatment

Kolmac Integrated Behavioral Health combines medication, counseling, and therapy in all of its programs—a formula that is considered the “gold standard” of care. Kolmac’s expert medical team evaluates patients and, if needed, prescribes medications for symptom management while patients participate in treatment.

Why Medication Assisted Treatment?

Withdrawal Management

Withdrawal management — also called detox — is the body’s physical reaction to stopping the use of drugs. For patients in this situation, Kolmac medical staff can quickly help reduce the symptoms of withdrawal with medications, which eliminates risk of severe consequences and provides relief from pain and sickness. During Intensive Outpatient treatment, patients can meet with a medical team member assigned to their group twice a week. They also have access to a medical team member weekly or bi-weekly, as needed.

Maintenance Needs

Patients with Substance Use Disorder often require medication to help with concentration, memory, irritability, connecting with others, and low moods. Some patients may have difficulty with anxiety. We call these co-occurring Disorders. We help our patients manage these symptoms using medications so they can benefit from treatment and have a rewarding treatment and recovery experience.

The use of medication in the management of addiction and mental health symptoms during care has been shown to increase the likelihood that patients will get better faster and be better able to benefit from the counseling and therapy they receive, leading to greater recovery outcomes.