MAT+ Program

Medication-assisted treatment plus individual therapy

Personalized and dedicated – one-on-one therapy and medical assistance

The road to recovery is a hard one, and our goal at Kolmac is to provide one-on-one support that can help patients stay on track. To do this, we’ve leveraged our 47 years of experience to develop a unique program.

Kolmac’s MAT+ Program offers several advantages through its combination of one-on-one therapy, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and psychiatric support when needed.

Supporting your recovery with a complete approach

Kolmac’s MAT+ Program is designed as an all-around treatment to help patients with their mental health while the patients are receiving the right level of medical care during their recovery journey.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Kolmac’s MAT+ Program is available online.

One-on-one therapy

The program begins with twice-a-week sessions with your own personal therapist. This is different from the group sessions you may have experienced, as our trained therapist will be speaking only to you, giving you the chance to really focus and work through any challenges.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

You will also be supported by weekly sessions with medical staff who will assess your medication and arrange for prescriptions.

This program also provides recovery education sessions to help you understand more about addiction and equip yourself with valuable knowledge for the future.

And just like our traditional intensive outpatient program (IOP), Kolmac’s MAT+ Program will not disrupt your everyday life. It will fit around you and your routine so that you can get the most out of it without giving up your other commitments.

Kolmac’s MAT+ Program is available in-person and online

You are welcome to join Kolmac’s MAT+ Program at one of our 7 treatment centers in Maryland; Washington, DC; Northern Virginia; and Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

If you would prefer to participate online, you can still benefit from one-on-one therapy and medical assistance – from the comfort of your home. Using a secure video platform called Zoom, you can see and speak with us, and we can see and speak with you.

We will also arrange for medication prescriptions at your local pharmacy.

Less intensive but the same commitment to care

Kolmac’s MAT+ Program is a less-intensive level of outpatient treatment that supports you in your journey towards recovery.

Patients eligible for Kolmac’s MAT+ Program include those with a diagnosis of mild to moderate substance use disorder (SUD) or a diagnosis of high SUD but no documented use in the past 90 days (early remission).

To find out if Kolmac’s MAT+ Program is an appropriate course of treatment for you, please contact our advisors:

(888) 684-0336

CareFirst Members

CareFirst members, depending on your benefits, typically do not have to pay any out-of-pocket expense for Kolmac services

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