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Level One care is a less intensive and flexible way to manage substance abuse

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We’re expanding our treatment options with our Level One program, offering individual sessions for therapy, psychiatric care, and Medical Assisted Treatment (MAT). Less intense than our IOP programs, these sessions are great for patients who are uncomfortable in group therapy settings, are seeking more flexible ways to begin or maintain their recovery in Continuing Care (CC), or have psychiatric disorders in conjunction with their substance use disorder and find comfort and value in staying with Kolmac for support and expert care.

As always, your commercial insurance covers Level One sessions with confidentiality. And Level One sessions are conducted over secure, private online telehealth so you can take them from the privacy of your home or wherever you are.

New and established patients both can take advantage of these non-intensive, one-on-one, private sessions with our psychiatrists, licensed clinicians, and medical staff. Our team can help you find the program that’s right for you.

Reach out and schedule a private consultation today to find out how Level One can help you on your recovery journey.


Established Patients who are receiving medication from the Kolmac medical staff are eligible for Level One options:

  • Patients who have stabilized and are in remission may benefit from psychotherapy to address specific comorbidities that present during IOP/CC.
  • Alumni who have since been discharged but may benefit from ongoing therapeutic interventions may return for individual psychotherapy.
  • Patients who enter IOP and are unsuccessful in establishing rapport with group and are not benefitting from group therapy intervention.
  • Patients stepping down from IOP and have issues fitting CC into their lives.


New Patients who have attended residential rehab or PHP and  treatment at Level One is clinically indicated or cannot commit to IOP will find Level One can help them start their recovery.

  • Social, familial, education, or employment commitments prevent participating with IOP intensity
  • Patient constantly travels with a variable schedule so they cannot commit to IOP (even tele-IOP)
  • Extreme social anxiety
  • History of unsuccessful IOP treatment

Patients presenting to Kolmac in remission may consider Level One services

  • Moved to Kolmac service area
  • Transitioned from another service provider
  • Patients with comorbid pain issues that are stable/in remission (outside pain management specialists are required for primary pain management)

We believe that for clients presenting with SUD that are in need of withdrawal management services are best suited for IOP level of care.

Find out if Level One is right for you by talking to one of our specialists and scheduling an evaluation. With our FastTrack evaluations, your recovery begins the moment you reach out.