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The Kolmac CARES group provides vital family addiction resources for the community

Family and friends often wonder where to turn when a loved one is struggling with addiction. They may be concerned about the person’s health and well-being, or they may find that it’s increasingly difficult to handle the fallout of addiction. The Kolmac CARES (Community Access to Resources, Encouragement and Support) group teaches skills to effectively deal with a loved one’s drinking or drug use.

Conventional wisdom and the media contain a great deal of misinformation about how to respond to a loved one’s addiction. The idea of letting people “hit rock bottom” after implementing a “tough love” approach is gradually surrendering to evidence-based tools that offer better outcomes.

What can family and friends expect from the Kolmac CARES group?

This monthly occurring, drop-in group in Columbia is different than the existing family and friends support groups at Kolmac. These groups are only for the loved ones of existing patients. However, Kolmac CARES is open to anyone in the community, especially family and friends whose loved ones are not yet in treatment.

The Kolmac team believes that family and friends are uniquely positioned to help their loved ones seek treatment. They often have the closest relationship with the person struggling with addiction. With the proper education and family resources, family and friends can learn how to best help a loved one with a substance use disorder, while simultaneously taking care of themselves.

Family Resource Specialist Paul Dray, CSC-AD, leads each 90-minute session. During the first half of the session, the group members get to know each other and the issues they’re facing. For the rest of the time, Paul will discuss evidence-based approaches that help family and friends learn how to help their loved ones and take care of themselves at the same time.

The approaches that Paul will use include CRAFT (community reinforcement approach and family training) and Invitation to Change (working with families to create conditions for change). He will also incorporate the knowledge of traditional programs, including Al-Anon, which have been helping families and friends for more than 50 years.

Take the next step and attend an upcoming session

Please join us for the Kolmac CARES group to learn more about how science and kindness can help us help our loved ones recover from addiction. Contact us to learn more about this group and other family addiction resources.

*Note that adolescents may benefit from attending this group. However, it is important to consider the child’s maturity level. Younger adolescents could find this group anxiety-provoking, so contact us to find out if the group is right for the child.

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