Jim McGreevey, LCPC

Jim McGreevey, LCPC

De Novo Clinical Practice Lead

De Novo Clinical Practice LeadA look at the education and experience of Jim McGreevey

Jim McGreevey received a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Denison University. After spending time in the workforce, he went back to school and earned his Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Loyola College of Maryland.

His passion for addiction treatment and recovery began after he volunteered at Partners in Recovery. He later worked at this facility as a clinician and the Director of the Dual Diagnosis program. He provided psychiatric counseling at Union Memorial Hospital and continues to work in private practice treating anxiety, depression and substance use disorders.

Jim McGreevey is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and an approved Supervisor through the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors. In addition, he holds Level 1 and 2 Trauma Certification through the Institute of Advanced Psychotherapy and Training.

Exploring Jim’s experience at Kolmac

Jim McGreevey came to Kolmac Integrated Behavioral Health Centers in 2008 and has served in various capacities in the Towson and Baltimore locations. He is currently the De Novo Clinical Practice Lead.

According to Jim, “There is so much satisfaction in watching patients improve their lives, gain confidence and open up to others about very personal topics. We often see pretty remarkable changes in a short period of time at Kolmac.”

Jim’s thoughts on addiction and recovery

When it comes to addiction, Jim McGreevey believes it’s important to reframe the way people think about it. “Often, a patient will say that he or she has a disease that’s trying to kill them. I tend to offer that it may be trying to help or protect them but it’s unable to do so. These symptoms often started out as an attempt to cope with some loss, need or trauma. While they may have worked for a bit, ultimately the consequences make them unsustainable. The goal then becomes identifying the need and figuring out how we can meet it in a healthier way,” he says.

When Jim isn’t working with the team at Kolmac, he enjoys reading literature, attempting to fly fish and going to concerts and the theater. He also loves travel.

To learn more contact us or you can reach Jim McGreevey via email at jmcgreevey@kolmac.com.

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