Executive Team

Jennifer McCann 

Director of Marketing and Communications

Jennifer McCann is the Director of Marketing and Communications for Kolmac Integrated Behavioral Health and Concerted Care Group (CCG). She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Public Relations from the University of Maryland. Jennifer is an enthusiastic natural born leader who understands demanding situations and will find a solution to any problem. Her optimism and extreme knowledge of her market landscape is why she thrives as our Marketing Director.  Jennifer is passionate about helping patients daily at Kolmac and Concerted Care Group enter treatment and start their journey into recovery.

Jennifer brings over 20 years of successful experience from various organizations throughout her career. Not only is she a visionary, but she also prides herself on being a creative, digital marketing, communications, and business development leader in the market and across the country. Creating and executing integrated media campaigns to include digital, social, experiential, radio & e-mail marketing.

Bringing innovative solutions to her customers both internally and externally in her career. Developing compelling campaigns to companies such as Hilton Hotels, H&R Block, Boston Scientific, Medstar, John’s Hopkins, Air Italy, Qatar Airways, American Airlines, McDonald’s, Mattress Firm, and many more. Throughout her career, her compassion for others shines through whether it is helping clients or helping patients. As a young teen, volunteering was an important part of Jennifer’s high school. And this passion has carried on till now that she is a working professional. Jennifer volunteers with Girl Scouts of America, Alzheimer’s Association, and Save the Children. Jennifer is devoted to her Catholic faith and therefore, Catholic Charities are particularly important to her, she is also actively involved in the parish community as a Eucharistic Minister with St. Matthew’s Catholic Church.

Jennifer uses her free time being physically active or being outdoors, through hiking, biking, gardening, tennis, yoga, and traveling. She also loves being in her kitchen, trying out new recipes and exploring new culinary experiences.

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