Starting a rehab program

When you make the decision to begin the recovery process, your chances of success are best if you participate in an intensive, structured rehab program specifically designed to address problems with alcohol and drugs such as opioids like hydrocodone and oxycodone, tranquilizers, cocaine and heroin. At one time, the only way for you to do this would have been to enter a residential treatment program. You now have the choice to accomplish this in an outpatient treatment setting – a setting in which Kolmac has pioneered.

The components of our rehab program

The general structure of the rehab program is as follows. You attend group therapy and education sessions that last for three-hours each day. You come five times the first week with the frequency being reduced over the next several weeks as your condition stabilizes. By the end, you typically attend 20 to 30 recovery sessions over a period of eight weeks. You may be able to shorten this schedule if you are transferring from another program or lengthen it if you need additional support.

For most of the rehab program, two or more staff members are present along with eight to 15 other patients. You will also have the opportunity to meet individually with a clinician several times during the course of your treatment.

Your family and friends are encouraged to attend a separate support group once weekly, a well as to become active in community support groups such as Alanon, Naranon, and Smart Recovery Family and Friends groups. We also schedule individual family meetings when we or you think that would be helpful.

Achieving recovery with rehabilitation

An important phase of treatment is for you to begin to explore recovery support groups in the community so that you will eventually be able to take over the ongoing management of your disease and not remain entirely dependent on professional treatment.

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