Enhanced Recovery Program

The Enhanced Recovery Program provides more structure and heightened expectations

Kolmac offers an Enhanced Recovery Program, or ERP, for patients who need additional support and structure during treatment. This program builds on our outpatient treatment and recovery, adding more time and additional meetings to help patients who struggle more with relapse. The program is also highly individualized. ERP’s goal is to offer enhanced services to facilitate the development of the skills necessary to be successful in recovery.

Who benefits most from the Enhanced Recovery Program?

The Enhanced Recovery Program is open to any patient, but patients with certain characteristics tend to benefit the most from it.

  • A history of multiple treatment episodes
  • Multiple admissions to Kolmac
  • Significant relapse history
  • The ability to abstain from one substance, but struggling to abstain from another
  • Difficulty with larger therapy groups
  • Co-occurring disorders that require a more individualized approach to treatment
  • A history of struggling while in treatment for substance use disorders
  • An inability to participate in inpatient treatment

Kolmac offers the Enhanced Recovery Program as an alternative to standard intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment. Once our patients finish ERP, they can transition into Kolmac’s Continuing Care program.

How does the program work?

ERP is longer than our standard IOP treatment. This program lasts 8 to 12 weeks, in line with research that shows that the longer a patient is involved with treatment, the more successful the outcome. Here some other features that set the Enhanced Recovery Program apart.

  • The program meets three days a week, three hours per meeting.
  • It requires patients to attend at least one community recovery meeting per week, in addition to group.
  • The program includes a weekly individual session with the patient’s case manager.
  • It features small groups with a maximum of 12 people.
  • The third, or extra hour, at meetings varies by location, but focuses on things like mindfulness skills, meditation, relapse prevention, and general recovery education and skill-building topics.

Learning to cope with relapse is a crucial part of ERP

The Enhanced Recovery Program helps patients who have struggled with relapses. While the goal of ERP is complete abstinence from substance use, the program treats relapses as part of the chronic and progressive nature of the disease. Individuals receive tailored interventions, as needed. Our staff looks at each patient’s behavior to devise a plan to meet their unmet needs and get them back on track. Examples of interventions include additional meeting attendance requirements and required individual therapy.

Kolmac’s trained and experienced clinicians understand that substance use disorders are very individualized. We meet our patients where they are, offering both IOP and our Enhanced Recovery Program for those who need more help and support. Contact us for more information.

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