The Benefits of Outpatient Addiction Treatment

We make it easier for you with the benefits of outpatient addiction treatment

If you are someone who would find it difficult to:

  • leave your work and home for a month and struggle to explain your absence,
  • and/or find $25,000 or more to pay for addiction treatment,

then the Kolmac outpatient program might be the right choice for you.

You will hear arguments that in order to be successful in treatment, you must get away from your stressful environment and focus 100% on your treatment. In some extreme circumstances this may be necessary, but for most people, having the opportunity to process the changes resulting from treatment in the context of the real world works just as well or better.

Treatment integrated with your life

At Kolmac, your treating clinicians are available to you as you move back and forth from treatment to your regular work and daily routine. You deal with life’s challenges and substance triggers when you have the support of clinicians helping you deal with each situation.

Our opinion is supported by published studies as well as the experience of thousands of patients who have been treated at Kolmac and other programs like ours across the country.

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